Month: May 2010

Interactive photo blog.

Hej Everyone!

I have been talking about this for a couple years now. I did get another blog up and running, but the administration of it proved difficult. A lot of people found it hard to put up their photos, etc. I hope this time around it will be easier. I have no techinical skills when it comes to programming a blog so for the moment we will be working with one of the ready made variety.

The idea is to give everyone from my classes plus my photography friends and colleagues a place to share info. and knowledge and to get constructive feedback or share their work. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY to encourage each other’s inspiration. There are plenty of sites out there, but I would like this one to be as intimate as possible. I want everyone to feel at home.

So, together let’s create the kind of photography resource page we want. All help and feedback is welcome.

So get to it. Share your news and show us what you have been working on.