Month: June 2010

A message from Abel.

I got this from Abel the other day and I think he is on to something!

Another thing. I borrowed a SUPER book from the library, “The Master Printer’s” by Steve Macleod. It’s mainly about darkroom technique, but what is crazy good is that he shows lots of his prints and explains exactly what he did. How he cropped the photo, and why. Where he dodged and where he burnt. Where he gave some extra exposure to give weight or balance. Why he soften or harden a photo… Why he vignettes some photos… etc… I am learning so much from it, because the same work is to be done when digitally editing, right. I will buy the book. Check it out if it interests you, one month from now in the library.


Magnum Photos Collection now on display.

Magnum’s photo archives are, for the first time, open to the public. So if you’re passing through Austin Texas it’s a must see! ¬†Photos from 1930 to 2004 with all of the legends in position. Having seen Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa’s prints at Louisiana I believe this will do no less than blow your mind.

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