Food for thought for the creative mind for the creative explorer.

On TED Ken Robinson speaks about education and the need for change in the way we perceive and structure education. In particular our need to embrace creativity.

We have every reason to add creative endeavors into our lives and daily experience. In my opinion this will do more than just make us more creative and productive people. It will most importantly enhance our empathy and understanding towards ourselves but also towards others. We will be more forgiving of people who do things different. We will see the potential that different has, we will see the needs of different and be more accommodating as we will see the riches different can promise, its unique value. We will be less inclined to try and squeeze people into the box we (society) deems correct just because. We will judge differently and hopefully more honestly towards ourselves and to others.

So whether it is photography, painting, engineering, medicine…. be more creative dare to be more you!


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