Self portraits discovered and revisited-Laurie Tumer and Barbara and Michael Leisgen

Just a little something to browse for inspiration. People throwing themselves into the landscape. What I like about these works is while the concept is similar or identical the feel and execution are largely different and unique.

Laurie Tumer

First on the list is Laurie Tumer. I really like to show her work in my classes. I really like the way she takes something so simple and usually so wrong and makes it really work. Her image Ailanthus, 2000 is probably the best shadow portrait I have ever seen and believe me I have seen this type of shot over and over again. That is the key making it pop and she really does. To see Ailanthus click on the link. It’s 3rd on the left. Enjoy!

Ailanthus, 2000



Barbra and Michael Leisgen

Here you have a series of portraits/self portraits in which this couple simply added themselves to the contours of the landscapes. It is also very simply executed. This concept has been used since with great success by a Scandinavian photographer. Exaclty the same concept, but entirely different feel.

Unfortunately I can’t remember his name and can’t find him on google. If you know who I am talking about please post his name, he showed a few years ago at Malmöhus.


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